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between #5 物理演算夫婦茶碗

CG Images, 2019

石橋 友也 松本 祐典 堀川 淳一郎 橋本 孝久


物理演算夫婦茶碗は3D simulation, 3D printingの技術を取り入れて、伝統的な漆工芸にデジタルならではの造形性を導入する試み。







The physics Meotojawan (Couple cups) is an attempt to apply the formability unique to digital to traditional Urushi handcrafts by incorporating 3D simulation and 3D printing technologies.


By simulating the collision of two cups in a virtual setting and utilizing generated data, a unique Meotojawan is created.


The Meotojawan is a traditional Japanese cup style that resembles a pair of cups to a classical married couple. The Meotojawan intertwined with each other appear to repel and support each other as a single object.


Technology will enable the incorporation of forms into Urushi handcrafts that would be impossible with only human handcraft techniques, and exploration of new aesthetical possibilities of the Urushi.

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