HD Video (5:40), Monitor, 2021

石橋 友也  新倉 健人
    Tomoya Ishibashi Kento Niikura  

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Photo: Ken Kato Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space




There is a large black box with "Input" and "Output" written on it and a writing stand. The participant writes the title of the poem to be composed on a piece of paper and inserts it into the black box. After a few minutes, two poems are printed out from the box. One is automatically generated by an AI that has been trained on a large volume of Japanese text, while the other is composed by a human who has undergone special training in mimicking the unique writing style of the AI. It is impossible to tell which is which at a glance.

We have made numerous experiments in generating poems (or short sentences that look like poems) using deep learning. In order to determine the line that defines ideal output for an automatically generated poem, we ourselves read and composed numerous poems while carrying out our experiments. In particular,


コトバノキカイ/Machine of Words, Tokyo Arts and Space hongo (6/1/2021-6/20/2021)


The Crucifixion of Our Lord Christ, Giotto di Bondone, ca.1300
The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, ca.1495
Aldobrandini Madonna, Raffaello Santi, ca.1500
The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer, ca. 1658
The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet, 1857
The Luncheon on the Grass, Édouard Manet, 1863
Sunflowers (F456), third version: blue green background, Vincent van Gogh, 1888
The Young Ladies of Avignon, Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1907
Composition VII, Wassily Kandinsky, 1913
The Treachery of Images, René Magritte, 1929
Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow, Piet Mondrian, 1930
Mural on Indian Red Ground, Jackson Pollock, 1950
Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?, Richard Hamilton, 1956
COMPOSITION, Mark Rothko, 1959
Concetto Spaziale/Attese, Lucio Fontana, 1961
Three Studies for Portrait of George Dyer (on pink ground), Francis Bacon, 1964
Anna's Light, Barnett Newman, 1968


CNN+LSTM https://github.com/tensorflow/docs-l10n/blob/master/site/ja/tutorials/text/image_captioning.ipynb

L-XMERT https://vision-explorer.allenai.org/text_to_image_generation