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Machine Poetry Room

Performance (Box, Printer, Printing paper, PC, AI, Human), 2021

石橋 友也  新倉 健人
    Tomoya Ishibashi Kento Niikura  


An AI that writes poetry and a human who mimics the writing style of the AI that writes poetry






There is a large black box with "Input" and "Output" written on it and a writing stand. The participant writes the title of the poem to be composed on a piece of paper and inserts it into the black box. After a few minutes, two poems are printed out from the box. One is automatically generated by an AI that has been trained on a large volume of Japanese text, while the other is composed by a human who has undergone special training in mimicking the unique writing style of the AI. It is impossible to tell which is which at a glance.

Inside the box, a human being who developed the AI for automatic poetry generation is waiting for a piece of paper to be dropped in. When the human receives the paper, he enters a subject into the AI and writes the poem manually, imagining "a poem that an AI might generate." The human developer is aware of the AI's poetry generation algorithm, learning data, and the mistakes that the AI tends to make with particles, etc., striving to write poems that are clever and "not human-like."

We have been working on developing an AI to generate poetry for a while. To find the ideal lines of poetic output, we have read many poems and written our own poems. Through repeated adjustments, we have been able to mimic the style of AI-generated poems, which led us to the idea of this work. The title comes from the Chinese Room thought experiment on machine intelligence.

While there is a lot of discussion about the singularity of AI surpassing humans, this work presents the inverted structure of humans imitating AI through poetry, a manifestation of human intelligence and emotion.


Photo: Ken Kato Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space

展示《コトバノキカイ/Machine of Words》 (Tokyo Arts and Space, 6.1.2021-6.20.2021) で生成した詩の一部。
Some of the poems generated for the exhibition "Machine of Words" (Tokyo Arts and Space, 6.1.2021-6.20.2021).

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