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Signifié on the Web

HD Video, iPad (2020)

石橋 友也 新倉 健人 二口 航平
Tomoya Ishibashi Kento Niikura Kohei Futakuchi  


AI reflects the correspondence between words and images on the web.

Photo: Ken Kato Photo courtesy: Tokyo Arts and Space



例えば ”apple” の生成イメージでは、食べ物のりんご、Apple社のロゴ、Apple社の製品が入り混じったイメージが生成されている("apple"で画像検索を行うと、食べ物のりんごよりも、apple社のロゴや製品の方が多くヒットすることを確認できるだろう)。


また、”eighteen”の生成イメージでは記号の「18」に加えて、女性の裸体の影を確認することができる。これは ”eighteen”がインターネット上で、若い女性のポルノを検索する際に用いられる言葉であるからだ。

​本作はソシュールが定義した言語学の概念 "シニフィアン(signifiant)とシニフィエ(signifié)" に着想を得て制作した。シニフィアンとは「記号表現」であり、”apple”という文字や音声を指し、シニフィエとは「記号内容」であり、appleのイメージ、または概念そのものを指す。



We searched for specific words in Google Image Search, trained a deep neural network on a large number of images from the search results, and used it to generate images.


For example, the image generated for "apple" is generated from a mixture of the fruit, the Apple company logo, and Apple products (If you do an Image Search for "apple", you can see for yourself that  the Apple logo, Apple products, etc. get more results than the fruit.)


In the image generated for "eighteen", not only the numeral "18" but also the shadow of a nude female body may be observed. This is because "eighteen" is a keyword used on the Internet to search for pornography of young women.


This work was inspired by the linguistic concepts of signifiant and signifié defined by Saussure. Signifiant means symbolic expression, and refers to the letters, sound, etc. of "apple"; signifié means symbolic content, and refers to the image of an apple, or the concept of apple itself.

In the modern era, Google Image Search links signifiant and signifié, and may be said to be an existence that will continue to be updated. The sea of words and images that is the Internet. Google, which links the two together at high speed. AI, which converts the results of Google into a single image using deep learning. We captioned the images generated from these links with their dictionary entries, which are the products of trial and error by humans to connect signifiant and signifié.

ディレクター:石橋 友也
AIエンジニア:新倉 健人
デザイナー:   二口 航平
Director: Tomoya Ishibashi
AI Engineer: Kento Niikura
Designer: Kohei Futakuchi
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